Fool's Gambit Morris

Where do you come from?

This is the most common question we get asked when out and about. The answer is that we are from everywhere and from nowhere. Our members are scattered across the country, from Warrington, to Sheffield, to Windsor: we are of no fixed abode. This does have its problems, though, which leads me onto ...

How/Where do you practice?

Approximately once a month during October to April, we get together for a weekend of dancing and merriment at a member's (or parent's) house. We generally practice for five or six hours on the Saturday. Locations have included Durham, Exeter, Abergavenny, Sheffield, London, and Twyford, to name just a few.

Is everything I've heard about Fool's Gambit Morris from festival programmes true?

Every word ...

What do you dance?

We dance Cotswold Morris from the villages of Leafield (also known as Fieldtown) and Bledington. We also do dances in the Raglan tradition, and the Upton-Upon-Severn Stick Dance. Our dances are a mix of traditional and non-traditional, inspired by teams such as Seven Champions, Great Western, and Shropshire Bedlams, which have been adapted to suit our dancing style.

What noise do cows make?