Fool's Gambit Morris

Squire - Edd Bennett

Edd is a 26 year old accountant whose Fool name is Cuddly Fool, which accurately describes one of his two main social contributions to the team, the other being the grumpy old man in the comfy chair in the corner.

Foreman/Webmaster - Thomas Wright

Known as Grumpy Fool, Tom is a founder member of Fool’s Gambit. He has been Morris dancing since the age of 6 and has been playing the melodeon for 7 years. Tom is a 23 year old Maths and Physics graduate who also dances with Sallyport and Berkshire Bedlam.

Bagman/Music Co-ordinator - Rosie Wright

Rosie, AKA Darned Fool or the RagBag, is the Bagman (secretary), Ragman (kit officer) and Music Coordinator. She got the job of Ragman due to being the only member of the team with a sewing machine 6 years ago, and has been completely unable to get rid of the job since. For the last 18 months she has been bag as well, which involves admin and doing her best to make sure all the Fools are in the right place at the right time, easier said than done…

Her newest role is that of Music Coordinator. Currently Fool’s Gambit only has two musicians, so the team is now trying to “grow their own” musicians. Rosie will be coordinating this effort and hopes you will see some of our new musicians playing for performances in the near future.